Thank you for your interest in Doña Bella La Cuminicana, we’re humbled and muy faliz to serve you. Our main offices are located in Santo Domingo, Dom Rep; however our product is a hidden joya in the provincia of Santiago, Dom Rep. Our mazclador principal is very well seasoned. His quest for perfección keeps him respectful & humble to the craft. His dependable execution of each immaculately constructed cigar comes with decades of hard work and disciplina . Never beyond growth with his art, he embraces the centuries of knowledge before him and listens and returns what is taught to him through his art.

Our tobacco is grown in the mountainous provincia of Santiago, Dom Rep. Its virgin soil contributes to it’s process of perfección , sought after by our mazclador principal. Some have said it’s a source of vitality. Oop’s we’ve already given away a secreto away. The rest you’ll have to find out on your own.

We hope you’ll enjoy your Doña Bella La Cuminicana. Please feel free to contact us any time.